Friday, 13 October 2017


Dhan Guru Nanak
Truly it was a wonderful and dynamically blessed mind blowing heavenly samagam.
It was an out of this world experience.
Hall was flooded with the loving and yearning souls. There was a great flood of Nanak love and grace. Many new souls were touched and ignited with divine spark. Heaven descended with Naam Ganga to shower one and all who came to the door of Dhan Guru Nanak's Celestial Durbar.
There were divine smiles all around and glowing faces with Nanak love and blessings. Every soul was swimming in the same ocean of love and divine nectar. No one wanted to leave the heavenly presence. How a fish can leave the water? It was like experiencing Such Khand on this planet.

"sadh sangat sachh khand hai,vich satgur purah vasey nirankara"

It was touching and moving every soul with the subtle vibrations of heavenly grace. I could feel everyone swimming in the ocean of divine love. This December the Hall was flooded with divine seekers.
All the aspiring souls were glowing with naam rung. One soul from U.S.went to India after a long gap and was extremely happy. She was repenting as to why she did not attend the samagam regularly.
She had two relatives, who were there for few days and were lost in the flood of Nanak love and grace. They said why they were not told before about such a life giving source. Her husband had a very different smile on his face, and was wondering as to why He never attended this gathering earlier in his life. We met many such new souls who were just lost in this flood of Nanak love.

It was a great privilege to be among those seekers overflowing with the divine fragrance. I wish you all were a part of this divine garden. Where the angels moved around with divine smiles on their faces.
It was a unique divine gathering on this planet. I wish you all are there to attend this celestial gathering in four samagams held every year,viz:December 11 days, march 8 days, September 8 days and doraha June 8 days.
Here we get infected with three S's
S-Sadh sangat
Theses 3 S's are essentials to be a true seeker on the divine path, and you get them in abundance, here at DODRA SAHIB.

""kahebe ko shoba nahee, dekhaa hee parvaan"

With oceans and of Nanak love to all the dearest ones.

Dhan Guru Nanak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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