Friday, 13 October 2017


Please read the following very inspiring letter from AN ASPIRENT overflowing with Nanak love and devotion...

My dear Veerji:
Dhan Guru Nanak;
Veerji thank you so much for coming and bringing to us Bauji & Mataji’s true love. Even till now, I can't believe that you all sangat came to our house. My thrill is not gone till now. Veerji, I am unbelievably so happy and filled with joy, something that I was craving for all these years. they have extinguished millions of furnaces that were burning inside me. I feel so light, so happy, thrilled with the joy, just like the olden days samagam.

However, I still feel very bad, that, we could not do the sewa that we should have done. We ask God's forgiveness for not doing sewa for his sangat.

Veerji, please do not ever say thanks to us, we are mere parasites. We are highly indebted to Guruji’s sangat for coming to people like us.

Veerji, please try and come early for the next Samagam and bring lot of sangat so that we can again enjoy the bliss of Nanak love.

Veerji in all truthfulness, I am amazed, as to how this happened, how you all came. After ages, the kind of love I was seeking, yearning for, crying for, and deprived of how all my wishes were fulfilled, in just one spiritual visit. I feel so cool, so much at peace, so light, still filled with joy, the way I use to feel after attending the olden days samagam. I mean to express my feeling inside me by using the words "millions of burning furnaces" inside me, before sangat coming to us. Veerji, I am so grateful to  Guru’s for taking pity on us by sending his sangat to us. I feel it was a miracle. This came as a very big gift package and I thoroughly enjoyed the samagam too.
I beg with folded hands, please do come early for the next Samagam, and shower more love and blessings on our family. Bauji & Mataji are giving us a new life by making dead people live. They are quenching the thirst of thirsty souls. I pray to Guru ji that He gives them more strength and energy to keep giving God's love to all. Again We thank Guruji for giving us such nice Gurmukhs.
Please accept our apologies for all the discomforts.
Please keep us in mind in your prayers always.
Thanks again.

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