Friday, 13 October 2017


Dhan Guru Nanak!!!!!!

Dearest Veerji,

How wonderful to see your lovely, Divine and blissful messages...i feel so rich.., as if i am living in a beautiful world of paradise!

Thank you so much...!!!!!

It was so amazing to visit Dodra Saheb.., i didn't want to come back. What a beautiful spiritual journey in the plane of NAAM and LOVE.., didn't want to land again in the world of maya..

I’ve been thinking that I should move to Dodra permanently..

I always remember the Shabad you wrote-
"Kirpa karey Jis Paarbrahm, Hovey Saadhu Sang,
Jyon jyon oh Wadhaaiye, Tyon Tyon Har Syon Rang"

I really want to live with sangat all 24hrs.., as I miss this divine family of sadh sangat a lot....

The peace and happiness I get in sangat, is nowhere else in the world.

I used to regret my past when I didn't know about sangat, I thought I’ve wasted all my life running after toys. I have missed the true love of my divine mother..,

..But after reading your story about 'value for 500rs'.., I feel much relieved! it is very soothing to read your
emails..! I thank God for this inspiration....!

Dhan Guru Nanak has shown me the highway to reach His Home, as I have been blessed with this Gurmukh Gaddee Rahh through this sadh sangat as Bauji once said....

Now I really wish I can learn how to drive spiritually on this beautiful path, with the help and guidance of this divine sadh sangat!

"Charan Dhoor Terey Jann Ki Hovan,
Terey Darsan Ko Bal Jaayi"

THANKYOU for all your best wishes and prayers.....!!!!!


DHAN GURU NANAK......!!!!!

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